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This is a higher-level description of how we work. For more details, see checklists.


  • Slack is open with colearning group and other teams while on computer during work hours
  • Go to one conference / workshop a year about a topic you don't know anything about with people you don't know


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

<chklist> [] Thinking / free writing [] Team checkins </chklist>

<chklist> [] Publish blog post </chklist>

Community engagement okay

Play day — no meetings!

<chklist> [] Publish newsletter </chklist>

Community engagement okay

<chklist> [] Colearning checkin / workout [] Timesheet [] Receipts [] Other filing (e.g. CRM, tabs, email) [] Retrospective [] Next week's priorities </chklist>


Beginning End

<chklist> [] Retrospective [] Update next month's priorities, roadmap [] Expenses [] Curate (e.g. photos, Evernote) </chklist>


Beginning End

<chklist> [] Vision + Values + Strategy refresh </chklist>

<chklist> [] Retrospective [] Learning day [] Update next trimester's priorities, roadmap </chklist>



<chklist> [] Contact and opportunity in Capsule CRM [] Meeting notes in Google Drive 04 Meeting Notes directory if being shared, Bear otherwise [] Next steps in Trello, Google Calendar </chklist>


<chklist> [] Update opportunity in Capsule CRM [] Create project folder in Google Drive 01 Projects directory [] Create meetings log using template and transfer old meeting notes there [] Create new Harvest categories and re-categorize old tasks </chklist>

Follow Checklists/New projects. Continue updating CRM opportunity throughout the different stages until closed.