From Faster Than 20

I host a Slack instance for Faster Than 20 projects and my colearning community. All of my project channels are open, so others are welcome to join them and listen in or participate. People are welcome to create private channels as well.

Recommended Configuration

By default, Slack turns on a lot of notifications. The first thing I do is turn most of them off on all my apps (web, desktop, mobile, etc.), keeping on only:

  • Direct messages
  • Called by username (i.e. @username)

I have a Mac, and I prefer using the app over the web. I generally keep the app open while I'm in front of my computer and working. It's relatively distraction-free, since most of my notifications are off, and it allows me to jump in easily to start conversations or leave notes.


We have a no lurkers policy on our colearning Slack group. That doesn't mean that you have to participate every day (although we encourage you to check at least a few times a week and to respond when called out), but we'd like to hear your voice at least once a month.



  • #colearning
  • #carenotes
  • #doodles
  • #events
  • #random
  • #resources
  • #wydwydwyd

Faster Than 20

  • #fasterthan20
  • #the_checkin_podcast

Uploading Files

To upload files, go to the appropriate channel, click on the "+" to the left of the chat entry box, and follow the instructions.


Possible Integrations

  • readbot — Easily add books to Goodreads and other sources to Pocket