From Faster Than 20

Hi! I'm Eugene!

Scheduling Quirks

General Constraints:

  • I prefer meetings (especially non-project meetings) after 1pm, so I can devote mornings to deep work. For East Coast folks, try to schedule after 11am PT.
  • No back-to-back meetings. At minimum, there should be 30 minute increments between meetings.
  • No meetings scheduled while commuting.
  • No meetings mid-day unless it's a lunch meeting. We need time to eat and take a break.
  • No full day of meetings unless it's one full-day meeting. At most, only want to spend half my day with meetings.
  • Avoid Wednesdays. Fridays are OK.
  • Cluster meetings (especially geographically) when possible, but leave a half-hour between them
  • Avoid breaking up blocks of “free” time when possible. I like to see white space on his calendar, rather than reserving free time