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= Participants =
= Participants =

* Renee Fazzari
* Pete Forsyth
* Pete Forsyth
* Brooking Gatewood
* Brooking Gatewood

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We stay connected as a whole group via Slack. We share resources and provide lots of moral support and encouragement to each other. Many of us are situated in the Bay Area, and we often see each other face-to-face, sometimes through meetups that Eugene informally organizes.

We often collaborate with each other on projects.

  • Amy developed Eugene and Kate's websites, and has built websites for Eugene, Rebecca, Alison, and Jodie's projects
  • Odin, Alison, and two other colleagues formed a group called Network Ecology
  • Anya and Eugene collaborated on a workshop together
  • Alison and Eugene are doing a project with Jodie
  • Lots of us have shadowed each other
  • Brooking created a shared repository of resources on Trello that many of us contribute to

We sometimes do experiments together. Indeed, the reason we formed was to do an experiment together. (See below for the story.)

  • Kate and Eugene have been doing weekly checkins since June 23, 2014
  • Co-hosted a Colearning Workshop in September 2014
  • Eugene, Amy, and Pete have been sharing an ISP for all their projects
  • Kate and Eugene experimented with a podcast in early 2016
  • Kate and Rebecca book club
  • Pete, Eugene, Rebecca, Kate, and Anya did a git experiment together in 2016
  • Doing a joint retreat for individual visioning + strategy in January 2017


  • Renee Fazzari
  • Pete Forsyth
  • Brooking Gatewood
  • Anya Kandel
  • Eugene Eric Kim
  • Alison Lin
  • Elissa Perry
  • Rebecca Petzel
  • Jodie Tonita
  • Kate Wing
  • Amy Wu
  • Odin Zackman