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One-on-one listening.

One-minute drill

"Falling off a tightrope: A lesson in resilience"

Ladder of inference

Product Design

Discipline of product design, ethnography. Looking at behavior, not just interviews or self-assessment.

The Design Staff blog is an excellent resource for product development processes. See also collaborative games as a way of understanding people's mental models.

Listening at Scale

If we have perceptual challenges one-on-one, how on earth do we listen at scale? Need to account for the fallibility of human perception./

Facilitators fail at this all the time. "Reading the room" is not rigorous. "Effective facilitation is not about being liked."

Society fails too. Polls predicting Hillary Clinton would win 2016 presidential election. Except even polls didn't predict things with 100 percent accuracy. Lack of statistical literacy.

Ed Batista: "Seeing what's not there (The importance of missing data)."

Activism and organizing generating noise that makes it hard to listen. Jake Brewer, "The tragedy of political advocacy."

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