Harvard Law School Executive Education Center

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Harvard Law School Executive Education Center
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On the second floor of Pound Hall at Harvard Law School. Available for Harvard Law School events (and possibly other Harvard affiliated events?). Held the Clean Slate Project July 25, 2019 equity toolkit meeting here.

The main classroom is Pound Hall 201, a modern, theater-style classroom that seats about 60 people. The lounge next to the classroom can be rearranged to be a more collaborative space. It can fit 30 people in a circle, but it's more appropriate for 15, especially if it's going to be a self-contained space (versus using the other classrooms as breakout spaces).

There are 9 Microsoft digital whiteboards throughout — four in the lounge and the rest dispersed throughout the classrooms.

The space is LEED Gold certified.



This is what it looked like when we rearranged the room into a circle:

400px 400px

Conference Room


Just off of the Lounge.

Room 201




Can be used as a breakout space.



A little space between the lounge and room 201. Can be used for catering and also as a breakout space.