From Faster Than 20

Portable Whiteboards

Betabook. Foldable, notebook-sized whiteboards. You can hack something similar by buying whiteboard adhesive and sticking it on a clipboard. These look nice, though — like Moleskines.

Slickyboard. Form ad hoc whiteboards on walls using these static cling tiles.

Digital Whiteboards

Google Jamboard ($5,000) and Microsoft Surface Hub 2S ($9,000) are both 55 inch, interactive TVs with digital styli. Both have free apps for iOS.

I used a Microsoft Surface at a July 25, 2019 meeting at the Harvard Law School Executive Education Center essentially in place of a flipchart, and it worked wonderfully. There's some built-in panning (although it would have been better if the surface were infinite), and you can save and export the drawings easily. Plus, it had a wow factor!

Capturing Whiteboards

There are apps that help you deskew and enhance whiteboard photos. Rocketbook Beacons come out in Fall 2019 and supposedly simplify this process.