Wikimedia Movement Strategy

From Faster Than 20

Design Approach

  • The biggest challenge with networks is enrollment
  • Build a strong container. Wiki + ground rules. Transparency. Other mediums to contribute. Encouraged forking.
  • Start engaging immediately. Don't wait to listen.
  • Co-creation, not feedback
  • Listen, put a stake in the ground, move forward. Constant forward movement.
  • Constantly build trust and relationships. Respond to everything. Relational office hours.
  • Always be synthesizing
  • Design for emergence. Forking is good.
  • Model
  • Capacity-building approach. Don't just ask for feedback. Build strategic muscles.
  • Leverage attention to seed productive engagement

Lessons Learned

  • Challenges of client- and partner-management and importance of self-care and having a strong, cohesive team
  • Invest more in storytelling
  • Importance of holding the vision. Philippe said over and over again how critical of a role I played in this regard. How do you support others in holding that vision with you?
  • Slow down, and invest in capacity-building
  • In retrospect, would have spent more time in culture + visioning

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