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Trends that are affecting The World. See also Science.

Could be summarized as follows: What happens if all of our technology can be made faster, smaller, cheaper, more omnipresent, and more connected?

Moore's Law and Quantum Computing

Shifts assumptions around cryptography and security.

3D Printing


Outernet — Distributed network via radio signals

Big Data

Health. See biohacking below.

Machine Learning

Self-driving cars. Impact on truck industry.



Quantified self.

Genome editing via CRISPR.

Microbiome hacking

Human augmentation

  • Bruce Sterling. Sgt. Augmento. Motherboard. August 17, 2016. Science fiction about eye hacking.
  • Prosthetics



Internet of Things



Electronic paper.

Haptic displays and touchscreens.

Virtual reality.


Before 1901 — A few million photos taken before first consumer camera.[1]

1901 — First consumer camera, Kodak Brownie.

1960 — 55% of photos were babies.[1]

2000 — 85 billion physical photos (2,500 photos / second).[1]

2006 — 53 billion photos (177/person).[2]

2009 — 2.5 billion people camera phones in use.[2]

2011 — 2.5 billion people have digital cameras. 375 billion photos snapped (150/person), four times as many per person as 2001.[1] OR 80 billion photos (255/person).[2] Over 70 billion photos posted to Facebook (20% of all photos taken). Facebook has total of 140 billion photos, 10,000 times more than Library of Congress. 3.5 trillion photos total. Every 2 minutes, we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s. Ten percent of all the photos we have were taken in the past 12 months.[1]

2012 — 37% of images captured on camera phones.[2]

May 2013 — Chicago Sun Times lays off entire photography staff.[3]



Blockchain. Cryptocurrency.

Privacy. Surveillance society. Differential privacy.

Open systems: Bullying, trolling, harassment.

(Mis)information dissemination. Silos.

Distributed authoring: git, Smallest Federated Wiki

Liquid democracy


Martin Heidegger

Jacques Ellul


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