Graphic recording

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Graphic recording is the process of capturing the discussion of a meeting in real-time through artwork. It is a powerful tool for group sensemaking. Visual facilitation is the act of facilitating a meeting through the recording process.

Here's Amy Wu graphic recording a meeting with the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership in April 2012 and the completed, cleaned up artwork.

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Our facilitation kit includes a list of our recommended supplies for graphic recording.

Best Practices


The most powerful way to do graphic recording is to involve the participants in its creation. If they are not seeing their words come alive, if they are not involved in validating and correcting the image, then they will not feel ownership over the map, and it will be far less valuable.

For example, observe the picture of Lynn Carruthers to the right. Lynn is an amazing graphic recorder, but the designers of the meeting are not leveraging her skill, because she is recording in the back, whereas all of the participants are directing their attention in the opposite direction. While the participants may marvel at the results after the fact, they will not feel the same level of ownership they would have had she been positioned in front of the room, where everyone could see her draw.

Great equipment is critical for great results. See our facilitation kit page for recommendations on supplies.

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