East Portland Eagles

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East Portland Eagles
Address address::4904 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR
URL url::https://www.facebook.com/EastPortlandEagles/
Phone phone::503-232-7505
Email email::
Contact name contact name::Pete Forsyth or Karl Keefer

The Eagles are a fraternal & charitable organization founded in 1898. This building was built in the 1940s, was originally a supermarket! It has two meeting rooms with capacity of 100 and 300 people; the larger one has a small stage. Good for everything from meetings to dancing. Inexpensive to rent, especially inexpensive for public events or fundraisers that would appeal to members. Not in the greatest condition. Bar room is adjacent, screen is thin so there is possibility of noise if the bar is busy, be sure to ask. Event should not be overtly political. Plenty of on-site parking; location is on a main bus line (#14), and in a bustling commercial district. Handicapped accessible.

Welcome party for RecentChangesCamp 2009 was held here.

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File:East Portland Eagles Auxiliary Room.jpeg
The (smaller) Auxiliary Room, set up for dinner.

Information here is current as of March 2017.

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