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Interesting things to track:

  • Sales of self-help books

Our Democracy — showing what democracy looks like through photography and stories. Joint project of CatchLight Foundation and National Geographic Society.

History and Philosophy

The Wikipedia article on liberal democracy gives a good overview of how modern democracies evolved.

Daniel Ziblatt posits that the factional strength of a country's elites determines the survival of democracy, not a rise in living standards or an uprising of the working or middle class.


Who shows up to vote?

How do votes translate to decisions?

Requires diversity and education.

Ka-Ping Yee's voting simulation visualizations.

Voting methodologies:

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U.S. Population / Demographic Shifts


According to Pew Research[1]:

  • Evangelical Protestant — 25.4%
  • Mainline Protestant — 14.7%
  • Black church — 6.5%
  • Catholic — 20.8%

According to Gallup, 2014 "Beliefs and Values" survey suggested that 42 percent of Americans are creationists, 31 percent are theistic evolutionists, and 19 percent are atheistic evolutionists.[2]


When children become scarce

Regional Inequality



Foreign Policy

Transformational versus transactional diplomacy