From Faster Than 20

Making time for regular debriefs, reflection, and integration is the critical first step for learning and improvement. Start by making that time.

Once you've made that time, the next step is using it effectively. A general framework for doing that is to ask the questions:

  • What went well? (+)
  • What could we do better? (Δ)
  • What should we do next? (Next Steps)

An alternative way to do this is the Start, Stop, Continue framework:

  • What should we start?
  • What should we stop?
  • What should we continue?

Capturing the answers somewhere where you will find it again is critical for integration and accountability.

Results, Process, Relationships (RPR)

When we do debriefs, we also use the Interaction Associates Results, Process, Relationships (RPR) framework. We essentially ask either of the above three questions for Results (Outcomes), Process, and Relationships.

Because we typically use the Success Spectrum at the beginning of a project, debriefing Results is a matter of going through each item of the Success Spectrum and asking where we hit, where we missed, and whether or not we would make changes to goals / success.

For both Process and Relationships, we ask what went well (+) and what could have gone better (Δ).

Finally, we ask and capture Next Steps.